Complete Guide: Update Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (Video)

Video install Android 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy S2

The latest android 4.0 firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 was leaked and available for download. This unofficial Android 4.0 for Galaxy S2  with code Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 coming out is getting more and more stable. Besides this, all the basic and important  function such as Wi-Fi, 3G, Camera,Face unlock and other can  work properly. Here, we have prepared complete guide on how to install Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 on your Galaxy S2. So, if you want to try to taste this powerful Android OS on your Galaxy S2, then you can follow the step by step video tutorial as below.

Before start please make sure that,

- This rom and the guide below is compatible only with Galaxy S2, model number i9100. It’s not compatible with other Galaxy S2, model number such as i9100G.

- This procedure will wipe all your apps, data and settings. So, you can backup all your data apps via titanium Backup pro or other backup application to your external SD card.

- You need install Samsung USB Drivers or Samsung software Kies.

- Do not open Samsung’s PC software Kies. If Odin still not detect your Galaxy S2, then you have to stop the kies at your PC  at the System Configuration (RUN>>msconfig) and then restart your PC.


- Do not unplug your Galaxy S2 USB Cable from your PC during the firmware installation. If the Odin stuck during the installation process, then you need to close the Odin and open the Odin again, then follow the same step to flash Android 4.0 on your Galaxy S2. If the problem remain same, then restart your PC and repeat the step to flash Android 4.0 for your Galaxy S2. Again, do not unplug your Galaxy S2 USB Cable from your PC during the firmware installation. The Process for the firmware installation will take time around 5 minutes.

- Check only Re partition, Auto reboot & F. Reset time in Odin option.

- Make sure that you have place the correct  file on the Odin,
Put the files like this in Odin:
PIT = u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit,
PDA = I9100_CODE_I9100XXLP6_CL72050_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5,
PHONE = MODEM_I9100XXLP6_REV_02_CL1097526.tar.md5,
CSC = GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXXLP3_RST.tar.md5.

- This ROM is still in BETA and not is official release by Samsung . But if you want to try it follow the procedure below. Upgrading firmware is a risky procedure, so please do it at your own risk.

Here is Video On How to Update Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 for Samsung Galaxy S2

You can download I9100XXLP6 ROM for Galaxy S2 from here (Link) [password:] and Download the PIT file from here (Link) [password:]


Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6  running smooth on the Galaxy S2 I9100G. A we mention as above, this ROM includes all important apps such as Samsung Apps, Google +, Task Manager, Camera Panorama function, Browser,  Face unlock and other.The connectivity such as Wi-Fi,  3G , Bluetooth can work properly (Note: OTG connection seem not so stable). You can fully use your Galaxy S2 as normal after installation ( no need to reset or added VPN setting). This ROM,I9100XXLP6 for Galaxy S2 can be root.

We are preparing and will share with you more on this ROM, I9100XXLP6 for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G. Join us  at Facebook and Google Plus to get more and latest Android 4.0 info  for your Galaxy S2.

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24 Responses to Complete Guide: Update Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (Video)

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  2. SHaun says:

    WHat is the password to unzip this file?

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  4. Erick Felicio Nunes says:

    Man, what is the password to open those encrypted files in RAR???

    Best Regards from Brazil

  5. KUKU says:

    Erick Felicio Nunes, password:

  6. Tijn says:

    I tried this firmware today, but still have problems!

    Update notification kept popping up and could not be finished.
    GPS not working properly (so no navigation).

    Anyone else had the same problems or did I do something wrong?

  7. marek says:

    howto change #G to GSM mode?.It dosen’t exist like before in Android 2,3,6 in”Comunication-Phone”.

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  9. Kaka Malaysia says:

    Tijn, here is tutorial to solve Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 GPS issues, Link:

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  11. Ankur says:

    how to abolish the software update error after updating to above firmware on samsung galaxy s2

  12. lenti says:

    Howcome in some older posts it says not to use the re partion and in this u need to?

  13. De Consu says:

    Ankur,we still not get any solution to delete the software update error message.

  14. De Consu says:

    This Android 4.0 firmware still not is officialy release by samsung. Android 4.0.3 I9100XXLP6 For Samsung Galaxy S2 is more and more stable. you can refer here for more info, Link:

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