Update Official Android 4.0.4 S7562XXAMA4 For Galaxy S Duos ( Bangladesh)

Samsung has releases latest firmware Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy S Duos Bangladesh users, This firmware version is S7562XXAMA4 and this latest firmware only fixed some minor bugs. I am not relay know what bugs was fixed but this firmware has improvement the phones performance.


If you want to update your Galaxy S Duos  to this firmware Android 4.0.4 S7562XXAMA4, then here is the step by step tutorial on how to flash Android 4.0.4 S7562XXAMA4 into Galaxy S Duos via Samsung Odin application:

Disclaimer: Manually flash firmware into Galaxy S Duos S7562 may void the phones warranty and has the risk that cause your phone brick. Do not unplug the USB connection from PC during the firmware flashing process. Tutorial below is only for your reference and do it on your own risk.

Step 1: Download Android 4.0.4 GT-S7562-TML-S7562XXAMA4-1359563688.zip, then unzip the file. You will get GT-S7562-TML-S7562XXAMA4-1359563688 .md5 .

Step 2: On your computer- desktop or laptop, Open Odin 3.04 (Download Odin).

Step 3: Go to  settings > Developer Options to enable your phone debugging Mode. Then turn off your phone and then turn your phone in download mode by press (Home+power+vol down) button.

Step 4: Connect phone to the computer and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin.

Step 5: Add Android 4.0.4 GT-S7562-TML-S7562XXAMA4-1359563688.md5 to PDA.

Step 6: Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

Step 7: Galaxy Galaxy S Duos S7562 will automatically reboot once installation complete.

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