Download Svoice-Signed Apk ( How To Fix Galaxy S3 S Voice App Network Error) For Any Android 4.0 ICS Phones

As soon as the official Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM for Galaxy S3 leaked online this weekend, the first thing to extract from the build was the S-Voice apk file.

Solve S3 Svoice network error

One day after the application was successfully extracted and installed on many other Android phone models, Samsung  have blocked access to unofficial use of this service. Oh…Samsung has now started to block server access for all devices that are not the Galaxy S3. Which means that Samsung wants to make this feature exclusive to their flagship phone.

You didn’t think guys over at XDA will give up this easy. No way, no they are hard work  on modding the apk so that the servers think this is a Galaxy S III for easy access. Here is the latest Galaxy S3 Voice talk apk, Svoice-Signed Apk which can allow you to use Samsung Galaxy S3 Svoice function on any Android 4.0 ICS smart phones. Enjoys!

Download Svoice-Signed Apk: Link

How to install one Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus? The method is same as you install the leaked voicetalk apk, you can refer here: Link

source: Xda – sahibunlimited

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