Samsung Now Blocking Unofficial S-Voice (VoiceTalk) Requests From Unsupported Devices

One of Galaxy S3 attractive features was S Voice, a Siri-like assistant that understood basic commands and would automate tasks for you. After the initial firmware of the S3 was leaked, Xda developers success extracted  the S Voice APK from the firmware and  available use at any Android 4.0 ICS phones, such asGlaxy Note,Galaxy S2 and HTC One X.

Galaxy S3 S Voice

It appears that in the last 24 hours, Samsung now begin blocking this unofficial S Voice service request from unsupported Devices. When attempting to perform a voice command, users are now receiving the message: “Network error. Please try again.” XDA developers has tried packet sniffing on  Galaxy Nexus and the results are:

S Voice error

S Voice is definitely hosted at Vlingo servers IP address Same IP address is used when I start using Vlingo.

IP address:
IP country code:    US
IP address country:    United States
ISP of this IP:     Verizon Business
Organization:     VLINGO

Second thing is that, at the moment we start using S Voice we are sending all the following info to them:

X-vlclient: DeviceMake=samsung; DeviceOSName=Android; DeviceModel=Galaxy Nexus; DeviceOS=4.0.4; Language=en-US; ConnectionType=DirectTCP; Carrier=[my Carrier]; CarrierCountry=[my Country]; DeviceID=[my IMEI]; AudioDevice=Android\r\n

…looks easy to them to deny the requests from the phones other than Galaxy SIII ! and they are doing this obviously, look at the response:    HTTP    340    HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
Expert Info (Chat/Sequence): HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found\r\n

Did you get chance to use the S Voice app on your handset before it was blocked?

source: TheNextWeb

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