Samsung Galaxy S3 Set To Feature Rado Style Ceramic Body Design: What Exactly Are Benefits Of Ceramic Materials ?

The two monster smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 are making a lot of buzz in smartphone gossip zone. Apple iPhone 5 is considered as a Galaxy S3 killer, while Samsung’s gem is being deliberated as a major threat to iPhone 5, especially with its new Rado-style ceramic design.

Galaxy S3

There are numerous rumours circulating about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. We can be pretty sure that some of them are true such as the phone will offering quad-core  processor, thickness of just 7.1mm, 8-megapixel rear camera, and will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a new version of TouchWiz on top.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now rumored will be first Android smartphones that featuring a high-end ceramic body, according to industry insider Eldar Murtazin.

SGS3 finalized and go to production. Preorders from operators/retailers are really highest for all Galaxy line history (finally-ceramic).

So, What exactly are benefits of ceramic materials ?

New techniques in producing ceramics has resulted in a high-quality, extremely hard-wearing material. This new generation of ceramics is so strong it is even used in bulletproof body armor. In addition to strength, it is also relatively lightweight and thin. These qualities make it ideal for watches. Here is the summary of benefits of ceramic materials:

1. Raw materials are dirt cheap (pun intended), because they are widely distributed across most continents.

2. Energy inputs applied to ceramic raw materials, both in extraction, and processing, are drastically less than those required for metals.

3. Ceramics–at least certain kinds–dissipate heat readily.Ceramic tiles of a special kind are used on the belly of the Space Shuttle to dissipate heat on re-entry. Ceramic brakes are now used on most big time racing cars and have migrated onto quite a few high end production sports cars.

4. They don’t rust like metal.

5. They don’t succumb to electrolysis and oxidization when in contact with electric current and/or salt.

6. Their coloration and texture is intrinsic to the materials and so painting, or other kinds of surface protection is not necessary in recurring maintenance.

The main disadvantage of ceramics is brittleness and fragility. They pose a similar problem that something high tech like carbon fiber does. When they fail, the failure is catastrophic.

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